The main events in the world of cryptocurrencies in March

The main events in the world of cryptocurrencies in March

In the coming month, several events will take place at once, which can affect both the value of individual cryptocurrencies, crypto day trading signals and the market as a whole.


Celo network update

The Celo project was created for fast and secure payments. After the Espresso hard fork, the Celo network will become fully compatible with Ethereum, including its latest upgrades in Berlin and London. After the hard fork, dapp developers host or deploy their contracts on the Celo network. Also after the update, Orchid and Superfluid applications are earning on the Celo network, which require decentralized VPN services and a streaming payment system.


Halving Edge

In mid-March, the next halving of the premium for the mined block of the Verge project will take place. Decreasing the outcome on block number 5,700,000. After the halving, miners will receive 25 XVG. The Verge cryptocurrency is a fork of surveillance and was developed to ensure the security and anonymity of transactions. Among the features of the project are the use of TOR, I2P and Wraith Protocol technologies to anonymize transactions, faster computation than consideration, fully open source and community feedback, and a partnership with PornHub that was agreed in 2018.


Launch of the THORChain main network

In December, representatives of the THORChain project announced on their Telegram channel that the launch of the main network would take place in the first quarter of 2022. THORChain was created by a group of anonymous developers in 2018 at the Binance Hackathon and bills itself as a decentralized DeFi liquidity exchange network.


Swipe Chain mainnet launch

Before the end of the first quarter of 2022, the Swipe blockchain will be renamed to Solar and the main network will be launched. The SXP token will be used to pay for network transactions, staking, and to manage the protocol. Initially, the Swipe project was created as a decentralized blockchain with an internal SXP token, the Swipe Wallet cryptocurrency wallet was developed, and Swipe is also a provider of the Swipe Visa Card debit frame. Cards can be used to pay in more than 70 million outlets around the world using cryptocurrency, the conversion of which occurs at the time of payment. In mid-2020, the Binance exchange acquired a controlling stake in the project, and on December 30, 2021, it completed the takeover.

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