Major crypto events in April

Major crypto events in April

In the coming month, several events will occur at once, which can affect both the value of individual coins and the market as a whole.


Starting the main Lossless protocol

On March 1, Lossless representatives announced the completion of development and the next launch of the Core Protocol update. Lossless is a piece of code that is inserted into tokens. This code allows you to freeze any fraudulent transaction based on a set of fraud identification parameters. Once suspicious transactions and the recipient’s address are frozen, the stolen funds can be returned back to the owner’s address. According to the developers, this is the world’s first DeFi hack protection tool for token creators.


International Forum Blockchain Life

At the end of April, will host the eighth annual international forum Blockchain Life. Like last year, the event will take place at the Music Media Dome, where guests will find an extensive program of events and speakers from various sectors of the blockchain industry. Also, young companies will be able to participate in the startup competition and present their projects. The forum will end with an After party at the Gipsy club, where IOWA will perform.


Synapse Network project update

In April, the Synapse Network project is waiting for several updates. The ability to buy almost any cryptocurrency on the platform itself will be added, farming profitability using SNP tokens will become available. For IDO participants who pass on the platform, an OTC market mechanism will be added. Thus, participants do not have to wait for the official listing of projects.

Support for Solana wallets will be added in April. The project is being created as a single ecosystem that will include a platform for launching new projects regardless of the blockchain, a decentralized cross-chain exchange and a DeFi platform with various yield farming options.


Conference Hacker House

Two conferences from the Hacker House series are scheduled for April. From 5 to 10 April the meeting will be held in Miami, USA and from 24 to 29 April in Nassau, Bahamas. The conference is dedicated to Solana and is organized by the Solana Foundation. The offline event will last six days and will be mentored by the leading engineers of Solana Labs, as well as with the assistance of partners such as Serum, Jump, Pyth. During the conference, participants will be able to present their projects and refine them, compete for grants, participate in educational programs and relax at evening events.

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